Season 2: Episode 6 – Matthew Norman, Author


This week’s guest is Matthew Norman, known the world over for being a fan of U2 and Ed Burns. He’s also, perhaps more importantly, a novelist with three books out and a fourth on the way. His newest, LAST COUPLE STANDING, is available now.

Here’s some of what we discussed: (2:15) what it felt like to have a book come out during a global pandemic, (8:18) how many original stories are there?, (9:35) why he wound up scrapping the original ending for LAST COUPLE STANDING, (12:20) the fun of getting into the headspace of new writing perspectives, (23:01) how reading aloud helps him craft great dialogue, (26:37) how the reality of having more female readers has improved his storytelling, (29:26) what it means to have your book optioned and the movie star that first expressed interest, (40:20) does it bother him when people tell him how fast they finish his books?, (44:58) some details on his 4th novel and (48:27) it turns out… Matthew and I both are BIG FANS OF ED BURNS.

Music Credit:
OctoBlues Kevin MacLeod (
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