Season 2: Episode 7 – Mike Meltser, SiriusXM/ESPN


This week’s guest is Mike Meltser, famous for being jolly and verbose. Actually, that’s a joke. He’s neither of those things. But since we last spoke on this podcast, he’s also no longer hosting a radio show in Houston—he’s now a lawyer (among other things). Wild, right?

Here’s some of what we discussed, this time: (1:40) the full story of exactly what happened when he got fired from his radio show, (11:40) who he called first and who he actually spoke to first, (18:44) the risk, reward and pushback of tweeting opinions when you have a lot of followers, (30:48) the reason he pursued a law degree while hosting a daily, multiple-hour radio show, (35:11) why he felt going to law school actually helped his personal and radio life, (39:45) why have people been trying to scare us our whole lives about the next level of schooling, (43:40) his long-term goals as a lawyer and (47:09) the differences between hosting daily radio as opposed to weekly podcasts.

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