Episode Three – Mike Meltser, MaD Radio in Houston, TX

scott-spinelli_imsureimoverthinkingthis (1)

Mike Meltser of Sports Radio 610 in Houston, Texas is the guest this week. Mike hosts MaD Radio weekdays from 10 AM to 2 PM. Here are some of the things we talked about: what it’s like to have a former NFL player as a co-host (3:41), the hardest part of his job (7:23), how starting as primarily an update anchor in Houston helped him learn the local sports landscape (11:33), his tip for out-of-town sportscasters looking to learn their new home teams (15:11), switching between his on and off-air personas (19:12), the balancing act that is your personal and public life and when it’s best to have the two cross over (20:45), when dealing with Twitter reaction becomes exhausting and it might be best to hold it for his show (26:40), how covering losing teams can affect you personally (29:36), why it’s easier to build a winner in baseball than basketball (33:11), his strategy of contacting program directors to help build relationships and get feedback (37:37), the value of getting reps in to hone your voice as a broadcaster (40:06), if you’re looking to be on-air talent, should you take a producer job at the bigger station or on-air spot at a smaller station? (43:15), the role luck and talent play in getting a job (51:19), can Syracuse beat Gonzaga and will the Astros go to the World Series (56:20) and Mike’s turn at asking me a question (1:00:20).

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