#121 – Making Public Transportation Right On Time

You’re rushing to get somewhere, but you don’t have a car, so you need to rely on the unreliable: public transportation. Whether it’s a bus or train or subway, the schedules are never to be trusted

True story: I once waited for a NJ Transit bus in Union, NJ that never showed up. They were supposed to come at the same time once an hour. I arrived about 10 minutes before the (let’s say) 6 PM version of that bus was supposed to show. An hour later, neither that bus nor the following hour’s bus came. No explanation, nothing. Besides, of course, about 15 (really) pissed off (and, now, late) people.

Anyone reading this that has spent a long night out in New York or Hoboken and lives in the other location knows that getting down the stairs just in time for a PATH train is one of the single greatest things on this Earth (Note: only reason it’s not lower on the list is because not everyone in the world lives in Hoboken or New York, no matter how much we want to convince ourselves that that’s the case).

But when it all works out, it’s a great feeling.  Closing the door on your car in the parking lot, swiping your MetroCard, entering the station… just as it’s ready to pull in.

Polar opposite feeling?: 45 seconds later

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