#130 – A Non-Awkward High Five

I think a lot of people (or, at least, just me) think this refers to when a doofy white guy is trying to slap five with a cool black guy and then some sort of Chappelle show moment occurs. Well, it’s bigger than that.

Not all white guys are doofy, not al black guys are smooth. Of course, most are, but you get my point.

No, this extends to any time you’re in a position where a handshake is too formal and you need to make physical contact with someone to greet them (Note:  it doesn’t appear that this applies to anything other than male interaction. I’ve yet to see women high five each other outside of the the realm of athletics).

Sometimes, one guy comes in with the high five, the other comes in with the fist bump. Other times, one person doesn’t know when to let go of the handshake. Other times, the person wants to do a whole other dance to accompany the high five. Even worse is when you both go for a high five, but you either miss or one of the hands is too sweaty or clammy.

Feeling #130 is when everything comes together. Both parties are thinking high five from the jump. The hands are dry and ready, they make a solid slapping sound when meeting, there’s the shift towards a grip and then a smooth and easy let-go.

That’s the perfect high five.

Polar Opposite of this feeling?: See 3 paragraphs above for several options.

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