#77 – Winning A Carnival Game On Your First Spin

Of course, winning a carnival game on any spin, after any amount of money that you’ve spent, with or without a girl there to impress*, is a great feeling.

However, winning that first time, that’s a great feeling.

When I was younger, I played all types of wheel games. I once won the soundtrack for Big Momma’s House, which actually wasn’t that bad**. Looking back at that story, I can’t decide what’s funnier… that there was a carnival game where you could win CDs, that one of the “prizes” was that CD, or that I chose it.

Anyway, I’d play all the games. The CD game, the jersey game, the ENORMOUS stuffed animal game… but most of all, the candy game. Now that I’ve “matured” and don’t like to waste my money in such a varied fashion, I concentrate it all to the candy game.

You know, because you can’t buy candy anywhere else.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Realizing that you have to carry that enormous bear with you the rest of this 95 degree day.

*Are any women actually impressed by this? Why do we think they will be? I’m not just talking about winning a bear for a girl, I’m talking about when you win anything on any of those wheel games. Subconsciously, we think people (and, naturally, by inclusion the woman we’re with) are impressed by this. As if it’s anything other than a wheel with a seemingly endless number of triangled-off sections.

**This was back when So So Def was big and Jermaine Dupri was still cool. Da Brat wasn’t in jail (and was all over this album) and Lil Bow Wow as still (very) lil. This, this, this (my favorite) and this song were all on this soundtrack. Not bad, right? I know. Makes me wonder how many other ehh-movies had good sountracks.

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