#231 – Buying Discounted Sugar Cookies at Target

Maybe I’m out of my mind, but it seems to me like every time I walk into Target there trying to sell me (extremely) discounted sugar cookies in that area in the front. You know that area I’m talking about, the 105% off area that might as well be called “Shit No One Else Wants and That We Can’t, By Law, Give Away For Free, But Definitely Would If We Could”.

One time it was the powdered, mix-and-bake sugar cookies and frosting. Other times it has been already made sugar cookies. Sometimes they’re holiday-colored.

Every time, I stop and look at the “sale” as if sugar cookies are A) ever expensive enough that buying them on sale is worth doing and/or B) are rare to the point that I should be even remotely surprised a store that sells (almost literally) everything sells them.

But yet, I buy them almost every time. And each of those times, I feel great about it. You could argue, if you had no life and were so inclined, that this feeling could simply be “Buying/Eating Sugar Cookies”. And you know what? I wouldn’t argue with you on that point.

But for me, there is an added value, ridiculous as it may be, for getting not only the mix but the frosting for nearly 40 cookies for 99 cents.

That’s a great feeling.

Polar Opposite of This Feeling?: Buying cookies from a store when you’re expecting them to be soft and they turn out to be either stale or crispy or both.

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