#136 – Turning Coins Into (More) Cash

A friend suggested this feeling to me just a few days ago and after some brief thought, I realized it (without question) deserved placement on the list. I understand that feeling number 19 is pretty similar to this one, but there’s one glaring difference that puts this one in the 100s and that one in the top 20.

That difference, of course, is the element of surprise. Both feelings contain it, but #19 is total and unexpected. You don’t go to the bank with a cup filled with coins and not expect the teller/machine to give you back legal tender. You may not get what you expected to get (thus, this feeling… more on that in a moment) but at least you’re getting something.

Anyway, now that we’ve exhausted the difference between the two, let’s give a few inches of column space to today’s feeling.

Personally, I keep two cups in my bedroom, one for quarters for laundry (why I can’t just use dollar bills or a credit card is beyond me) and one for every other piece of change. These assholes who simply discard change should burn in hell. If you’re literally throwing away any money, of any kind, please let your largest friend know so they can beat you senseless for an hour.

That second cup though, once it gets filled, I’ll take it to wherever I can go that doesn’t charge me. Sometimes that’s a bank that’s so far away that the gas I’m using makes the trip not worth it, but it’s the principle of the thing. Either way, as I’m heading to wherever will change my coins into cash, I’m trying to piece together how much money I’m going to net. 10, 15? Maybe 20 or 25? I start thinking about how many dimes and nickels were in the cup, as if I’ve got some Rain Man tendencies.

Finally, I’ll settle on a number… typically I go low, if only for this specific feeling. And when the number I get back is higher, man, that’s a nice feeling. It’s not exactly free money because you knew you’d been saving it the whole time, but it’s at least unexpected money and that’s got to count for something

Polar Opposite of This Feeling?: People don’t really need to do this any more, but having to individually roll up all of your quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies into those (what are basically just) Chinese finger traps.

One thought on “#136 – Turning Coins Into (More) Cash”

  1. I still roll my own coins. It’s meditative and it has a reward at the end. Two very good feelings. I like the part of killing off those that throw money away.

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