#111 – A Good Rip of Songs on the Radio

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t really listen to the radio much anymore. Typically, if I’m listening to the radio for more than a brief scan it’s because one of a few things has likely occurred:

  • I’m totally bored with what’s on my iPod.
  • My iPod is broken or out of juice.
  • I left my iPod at home.

You get the point.

Part of the main reason I’ve grown tired of the radio is because A) there’s too many commercials, B) hip-hop DJs have a tendency to be obnoxious and C) I know what I want to hear more than they do.

So, as you’d imagine, when I do come around to actually listening to the radio, my expectations are very low. However, recently, a friend of mine went to pick up dinner while we were at work and when he got back, he admitted he was even more excited than usual to eat (he’s got a thing for Thai food, what can I say). When I inquired as to why that was the case, he explained that the radio was killing it during his brief drive. He got “Happy” by Pharrell, a Notorious BIG song (can’t recall which at this point, but does it really matter?) and Avicii’s “Hey Brother”. That’s about 9 to 10 minutes of straight head-bobbin’ music when you went in expecting absolutely nothing.

It’s precisely that difference in expectation level that makes this feeling so great. And what makes it different than this feeling is, honestly, that you’re (usually) not drunk when you’re driving your car and listening to the radio. Still, a pretty good feeling.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: When I tune in to hear Power 105.1 on the way in to work and get literally 8 minutes of commercials before I finally decide, “Fuck this.”

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