#221 – Seeing a Baseball Field For The First TIme

I suppose this feeling could be sub-divided in to “Ever” and “That Season”, but still, the fact remains that there’s something breathtaking about that first glimpse of wide-open, well-manicured green expanses at any of the 30 different major league ballparks across the country*.

Recently, I lamented to a friend that this feeling will slowly change for the young baseball fan. When I was a kid and got to go to my first game (Yankee Stadium), the concept of open concourses wasn’t really developed yet. When you walked into a baseball stadium, you couldn’t really see the field until you go through the narrow walkway from the concourse.

While there’s no denying the beauty of some of these new ballparks and the obvious advantages of open concourses (better views, easier to keep up on the game when going to get food/go to the bathroom, etc), there is something to that first reveal that the closed concourse provided. Sadly, young kids won’t be able to experience that any longer.

It may sound apocryphal, but I really do remember being totally wowed by how green and how enormous the outfield was at Yankee Stadium. As a little kid, you went from staring at tons of drab looking concrete in the middle of the Bronx to this gorgeous green field in a slow reveal. It was something.

Either way, as we baseball fans across the nation head to our first games of the year this month and beyond, there’s at least this feeling to look forward to, even if your team fucking stinks.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Your team being out of the game before you even sit down.

*Places like Toronto probably don’t count. I can’t imagine a kid gets really amped out of seeing AstroTurf, or whatever they’re calling it nowadays.

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