#72 – Gaining A New (Non-Bot) Follower on Twitter

I don’t care how modest you are, if you’re on Twitter, it feels great to gain a follower.

If you’re reading this and saying, “Not me! I’m only on Twitter to follow people and get news, I don’t care about getting followers. I don’t even tweet!”… You’re lying to who ever you just said that to and, most importantly, you’re lying to yourself.

Let’s face it, the only reason we’re all on Twitter is because we quietly think someone (anyone) gives a shit about what we have to say when we’re not with them. For some of us (reporters, certain celebrities, etc.), this is an actual truthful reality. However, for most of us (read: people like and, in fact, me) it’s simply an ego trip.

For whatever reason, when I first got on Twitter a few years ago, I’d frequently get spam followers. That feeling really sucked because for a fleeting moment I’d be excited that I gained a follower—and I didn’t know them! Then, I’d realize the person didn’t tweet in English and had four X’s in their handle.

Either way, I seemingly have gotten past that point. Now I’m simply at a stagnated number of followers—but I can usually take it to the bank that I’ve got a legit one whenever a notification comes my way.

Obviously, it’s ridiculous to put any value into this shit, but if we didn’t, we’d all still be tooling around on MySpace.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?:  Thinking you gained followers, then the next morning finding out they (and others) left because you only tweet angry shit about the Spurs losing. Fuck them.

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