#186 – Calling Something (Correctly)

Everyone has that uncle/cousin/friend that calls things during a game, constantly. Each time the bases are loaded, “Grand slam. You heard it here first, just watch, here it comes!” And, undoubtedly after some wild number of misfires that always go by the boards, that guy will ‘call it’, just once. That double play will happen, the homer will be hit, the touchdown thrown to that guy… And that honestly doesn’t count.

Those people are frustrating, because they mean well… but you and I both know they’re just charter members of the “Throw Shit at The Wall” School of Predictions.

For those of us who don’t put voice to every single prediction that pops into our brain, we know the true value of getting it right. Of being the guy that predicted, months in advance, who the villian would be in the new Batman movie or how Lost would end. Or that 24 would come back. Or… you get the point.

Point is, there’s something to being that guy that predicted something right, especially when you’re not doing it all the time.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: When you boldly, loudly proclaim something will happen (because you’re essentially certain it will based on a tip or inside information you’ve received) and, of course, it does not. Think: telling everyone for years in advance how great Dustin Ackley would be.

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