#40 – Watching Your Team Win A Championship (Live)

WP_20140615_034So, in previous posts, I’ve actually gone out of my way to make clear that the feeling I get from watching my sports teams succeed isn’t quite the same as it used to be.

That sentiment is still (mostly) true, but I realize was missing a major caveat. One, I honestly thought, I’d never even have the experience to provide.

That caveat, of course, is getting to be there in person when your team actually wins it all.

A few weeks back I had the (incredible) fortune to actually be in San Antonio when the Spurs took home their 5th NBA title. I was with my dad, on Father’s Day. I’d never been to a Spurs game in San Antonio, never been to a Finals game… hell, I’d never really been in a room of any sort with more than 4 or 5 Spurs fans in my entire life.

As you’d rightly imagine, it was an experience unlike just about any other I’ve ever had. I could go into the beat-by-beat details of what occurred, how it went down, but it suffices to say it was a level of joy I’ve never experienced when it comes to being a sports fan. Frankly, it’s one I doubt I’ll ever feel again.

What I’ve always joked about with regards to being a lunatic about a particular sports team is that you have no real connection to them. For me, that was always a strong sentiment because, aside from the Yankees, I route for out-of-state teams. So, that disconnect I felt wasn’t to the players (who you’ll never really connect to) but to my fellow fans.

On Father’s Day in San Antonio, I felt that connection. And it was fucking incredible.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Being that Miami Heat fan I saw sitting a row or two back from me. Man, that sucks. Stupid fucking move to come to the game after what had happened in the last two, but still, awful feeling.


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