#166 – Watching Your Bonus Card Actually Work

I feel like Bonus Cards fall in to one of two camps… they either consistently save you money, or they do nothing at all. Shop Rite and A&P’s cards are good. Walgreens’ card is awful. CVS is decent, I’d put it more in the former than the latter.

Either way, I’ve got a little quirk when it comes to buying stuff at these places. I don’t like giving them my bonus card until the order has been completely finished. Especially when it’s a big load of groceries.

I like to see the high total and smugly think to myself, “I’m not paying that amount!” After having ignored the cashier’s initial question about the card, I produce it from my pocket and watch as the savings (almost literally) fly off the screen. When it’s done item by item as they’re scanned, it’s not nearly as fun. I like seeing it fly off all at once.

Think of it this way… would you rather lose weight in one workout or slowly, over two weeks? Exactly.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Thinking you’ve purchased something that will either save you money or get you points (Who is using these? Honestly) and finding out you didn’t get the right thing (ohhh, I needed four Crest products… My mistake!)

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