#204 – An Unexpected Friend Showing Up at a Party/Bar

I don’t mean that as a clever way of disguising something else. I meant that title as literally as possible.

You’re at the party, you know who is supposed to be there. You have an idea of who might show up. Then, there’s that list in your head of who it would be awesome to see. Not necessarily because that man or woman is better in any specific way than the people that are already there… It’s more because you never expected them to show up. It’s their rarity that makes the visit worth the time.

There’s the obvious fun of the initial surprise, the joy of the greeting (multiplied by how drunk you may or may not be at the time) and of course, the actual fun being with the person. The irony is that once the person has arrived and the initial hello-period has passed, you typically don’t spend more time with them than anyone else.

But, damn, was it fun that they showed up.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Expecting this girl to show up, but that one does. Then, so does the first. Fun.

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