#246 – iTunes Shuffle Helping You Discover One of Your Own Songs

This one does barely make the cut, and is similar to #68–or at least has multiple elements contained therein–but after some review I decided it was singular enough to warrant its own entry. And, hell, 250 was a huge number. May have over shot it a bit.

Moving on… Like most people, I have way (seriously, way way) too many songs on my iTunes. As of right this second, I have over 8,400 songs, totaling just under 24 hours of music. I don’t claim to be a record-setter, but we can all agree, that’s a fuckton of music.*

Either way, as you’d imagine, I barely have listened to half (probably more like a quarter) of that stuff. A lot of it is just stuff I’ve accumulated, full albums with the intent of only listening to one song and so, there’s a bunch of stuff that will come up when I’m listening to the whole playlist on shuffle that I’ve either never heard or skip through without giving a chance.

However, every so often, I’ll forget to hit next (or, the song will grab from the jump—though that’s rare, frankly) and I’ll discover something. Two or three minutes in to the song, I’ll realize, “Hey, this is actually a pretty good song… What the hell is this?” And inevitably, it’ll be something from a mixtape or some James Morrison song I’ve never given a proper listen.

Here’s my most recent example:

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Hitting next so many times you almost don’t believe it’s your iTunes. Like someone came in the middle of the night, broke into your apartment and then your computer only to take all your music off and put all of their favorites on there.


*These are technical measurements you don’t really need to bother yourself with.

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