#237 – A Good, Deep Breath Before Going Underwater

I like to think of myself as a sneaky-good “swim for as long as you can underwater without coming up for air” guy. If you took a quick glance at me, you’d probably assume I’m not any good at it… but you’d be wrong!

Well, I’ve really only shown this skill of to family members and no one has ever really competed with or against me, so I have absolutely no frame of reference… But the fact remains, I’m not awful.

Either way, any time I swim and go under, I’m always looking to catch that great deep breath. The one where you fill your lungs with as much air as possible, the one that makes you feel like you could stay under water for an hour… or at least longer than you did the last time you tried it six minutes ago.

It’s a fleeting feeling, and one not-so-easily achieved. Think about how often you breathe for a second. Take a few, think about them. Now, think about how many are really good, full ones.


Don’t take ’em lightly kids, they’re good ones.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Not sure this is exactly opposite, but it’s water-related, and I hate this feeling so to me it applies… getting water in your nose while you’re underwater and having to come up because you think you’re going to choke or drown, only to realize, of course, you’re really fine.

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