#90 – A Multitude of Good Movies on TV at Once

I’ll be honest, I’m not the busiest guy in the whole wide world. I’m sure you could’ve guessed that, what with this whole ‘250 things’ endeavor seeming like a colossal waste of time for anyone else. Either way, with all that said I’m pretty sure the most frequent occurrence of this feeling is on Saturday nights. I’d prefer to have plans for a Saturday night, but when I don’t, I can almost consistently take comfort in the fact that I’m only a few remote control clicks away from at least three movies I’d enjoy watching.

My strategy when it comes to TV watching is a simple one… Find what you want, and then have just one backup for the commercials. There needs to be something you can rely on with your “last” button (that’s the “Previous Channel” button for the uninitiated) and if you’re really lucky, the commercials are out of sync so one is never on break while the other is*. When this feeling occurs, it’s the only time you wish there was a “next to last” button.

And the reason this feeling is so great is because, beyond the obvious, so often you have nothing to watch. There’s 10,000 channels, you only flick through about 27 of them and on any given night, 26 of them are useless.

Not tonight though. We’re talking Back to the Future II (the best one), Old School and Horrible Bosses. All on TV, all at once, all for you. Go, enjoy.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Experiencing this feeling on one Saturday night, loving it, then not having plans for the following Saturday, experiencing it again—but to the same movies. Not quite as fun.

*Of course, that’s just a fantasy. Like sane 10’s, we all know that doesn’t exist.

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