#24 – Saying the Right Thing in a Work Meeting

tumblr_lr3fkwwmws1qg1bmgo1_500This one, in many universes, could be number one. It could even be higher than number one.

Think about how rarely it actually happens.

How often do you A) get the opportunity to say something outside of the banal at a work meeting, B) think quickly enough on your feet and C) find yourself in the right company where whatever mix of wit and sarcasm you’re brewing up is actually appropriate?

In my job, I’ve found myself in the position of leading a meeting here and there. More often than not, I either am not presented with the proper opportunity or don’t think it would be a good idea to make that joke in front of those people (had I written this years ago, I’d have barely been able to even write that sentence, as I thought every joke that crawled into my brain had to be delivered to the masses, including those in much higher positions than me at my place of employment).

In fact, even worse than any of those situations is the one we all have encountered, the one our bespectacled friend George here ran into: not being able to come up with the right line until much later.

But, every so often, the planets and moons and stars and executive vice presidents align… and you’re able to drop that STUNNING one-liner. That no-look, behind-the-back alley-oop of a joke or jab that EVERYONE FUCKING LOVES. Even the guy that never smiles at your meetings, the woman that not-so-secretly can’t stand you… everyone.

To the victor go the spoils.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Overestimating how much time that line bought you, talking too much after it and either ruining the success of the line or making people forget how good it was in the first place by your pointless drivel.

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