#234 – Regaining a Sense

hqdefaultI don’t mean this in a Timothy of the Cay-type way, where you’re literally a person that was blinded and now has the gift of sight.

No, this is far more inane and ridiculous. And less serious.

As our friend to the left here is experiencing, there’s fewer feelings worse than getting soap in your eyes. You’d think by now, as fledgling adults that have been showering for nearly 20 years, we’d all have figured out a way to avoid this problem entirely. But yet somehow it still pops up every so often.

When it does, by the way, I sometimes like to see how long I can go without vision. Sort of a like a trial run. I fumble my way around looking for the shampoo and soap, try to remember what color my towel was… I generally give up moments into this idiocy but it only makes the regaining of the vision post-eye-cleansing that much sweeter.

Similar situations include finally being able to taste again after you’ve singed the roof of your mouth from something too hot (or too many Sour Patch Kids) and being able to walk after losing complete feeling in your foot.

The Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Is saying “going legit blind” too real? Maybe.

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