#135 – Getting the Last Person to Make Your Group Whole

Yay. Fun.

You’re out at the bar with a few friends… let’s say four of you in total. You’re having a good time, drinks and appetizers and whatever else have been ordered. The conversation is flowing and fun… but there’s something missing.

Perhaps your girl/boyfriend hasn’t yet showed up yet. Maybe the person you really set this get together up for in the first place has yet to arrive. Maybe there’s a Mets game on and you want to chop it up with that one buddy of yours that’s a Yankees fan to rub it in his face.

There’s a ton of possible scenarios here, but I think you get my point.

You’re having fun, no doubt, but when that last person arrives… buckle the fuck up, because it’s about to get great. I’m not necessarily (though this person could fill that role) talking about the guy who gets the party started!

It could simply be the funny cousin you never get to see but was looking forward to most, or the girl from work that you have a thing for or that high school buddy you really just click with.

When they show up, it’s fucking on.

The Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: When you thought you were the life of the party, only to be replaced by the person this feeling is talking about.

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