#195 – Your DVR Working

23-6567-comcast-problemsThat I even thought of this as a feeling at all is probably more telling of the fact that I should change cable providers than it is of anything else.

I record very few things. In fact, outside of the random show here or there, basically the only thing I record is Seinfeld. I want five episodes on my DVR at all times. I want the ability and convenience to watch one of these episodes whenever I choose.

For this other-worldly service, I pay ten dollars a month and I expect it work.

I don’t keep track of how often it doesn’t, but it suffices to say it’s often enough that I cherish when it’s working properly. I don’t do a rain dance or say a prayer each time I click play on a Seinfeld episode and it works, but I go into each interaction with my DVR braced for the worst.

When it comes up my way, I smile and sit back and enjoy 22 minutes of blissful entertainment.

The Polar Opposite of the Feeling?: Any part whatsoever of the process of calling your cable company—from them telling you to take the obvious steps you’ve already taken to keeping you on hold to setting up a potential time window for you to quit your job so they can come to your apartment/home.

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