#175 – Unwrapping a Gift When You Have No Idea What It Is

This is a very, very specific reference but if you’ve seen Liar, Liar, you know what I’m referring to.

Either way, that excitement Max has as he fiendishly unwraps a gift is a feeling most adults, typically, don’t get to experience that often. First off, we generally just ask for things and get them. Second, people don’t tend to wrap gifts up (or as elaborately) as they did for me as when I was a kid. Lastly, I’ve been numbed to excitement and only feel alive, maybe, twice a year.

But that fevered ripping of wrapping paper, that box that’s of generic size and weight giving away nothing of its contents… that unknown is such an exciting feeling.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Of course, more often than not, you open the box and it’s clothes that don’t fit or you’d never wear or something you never asked for in the first place because your Uncle is fucking terrible at getting gifts.

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