#124 – Accurately Guessing Between Pants and Shorts

pofgucu0is1couhI’d honestly guess that over the course of my whole adult life, I’m probably coming in at around .500 when it comes to the decision of Pants vs Shorts. I have no empirical proof that this is the case or that it’s a bad percentage, I just know anecdotally that it’s true… and that’s enough for me.

For point of reference, I’m pretty sure I’m hitting about .200 when it comes to picking the right line at the supermarket, so in this area I’m doing alright.

Either way… it’s late May (maybe even early June, if you’re feeling frisky) and you’re going out for the night. You haven’t left your apartment all day and while it looks pretty warm outside (and feels it in your apartment… though that could be because the walls are paper thin and the insulation is terrible), you truly have no idea if pants or shorts are the right play.

On the one hand, you know that eternally you look better in pants. God didn’t give you legs like that so you could show them off. On the other hand, sweating like a crazy person in the crotch/ass area while at a bar that will likely be crowded isn’t a good idea either. Then again, do you want your bare skin touching anything in that bar? Has a woman ever gone home with a man wearing shorts? Are cargo shorts really out of style? Why?

Seriously, why?

It’s a conundrum wrapped inside a riddle baked inside of a pregunta. No one wins.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: I mean, come on. Getting it wrong.

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