#218 – Guessing a Number Correctly

4296edf0407df83081a04598bc9a2ef2This one is super vague, I recognize that, but stay with me for a sec.

My friends and I, when we were actually friends and would do normal things like go out for food or drinks regularly, would play this game of trying to guess the exact total of the bill. Only once in the game’s history was it ever guessed properly. My friend Chris got it, nailed the exact total, and if I may speak for him, I’d have to imagine it was and continues to be his proudest moment.

I suppose it’s worth pointing out the following: he’s a husband to a lovely wife, father to two wonderful daughters, a homeowner and does something that I’d imagine people are impressed by in the finance world.

Still, we all know he’s the only one to have won the game. Hell, he never lets us forget. So really, all this begs the question: considering that quite clearly it’s the best thing he’s ever done… how is this just #218?

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: I’m not sure there is one here. There’s absolutely no embarrassment in getting it wrong. I guess I can use this space to say that the feeling is, obviously, correlated to the randomness of getting it right. It, of course, being a bill total, the number of fingers behind your back, how many shots Russell Westbrook took last night… the lower chance you have of getting it right, the better the feeling is when you do.

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