#147 – Getting a Check in the Mail from Your Other Job

securities-checkWe’re all on our grind, hustling to make an extra buck.

Whatever your extra hustle, it’s a pretty nice feeling to look through that pound of junk mail and see that legal envelope you’ve been waiting for.

The funniest thing about this feeling is that, more often than not, the work you’re doing on the side is never for that much money. It’s rarely a huge commitment, rarely something that’s entirely worth it. You are doing fine and could, honestly, live without the money.

You’re not moving into an extra income bracket because of that once-a-month check that comes maybe 5-7 months a year. Even when it’s not a check (say, from umpiring baseball games or babysitting), the point remains.

But there’s validation in two places in this feeling: the extra hard work that you know you put in which makes you feel like you’re a better person than you actually are… and the fact that you can now justify having spent $140 at the bar last night.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Thinking you no longer need the money because you’re just that much of a baller, only to realize you’re not after those first few checks don’t come.

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