#84 – When Technology Works Exactly As It’s Supposed To

Who hasn’t wanted to do this?

I honestly have wished for extreme wealth if only so that I could feel free to smash my electronics whenever they didn’t work they way I’d like.

My mom used to always complain that the iPad wasn’t working properly for her. Perhaps it was the internet itself that was betraying her. My dad’s main culprit used to be the lack of passwords, though that afflicted my mother as well. Point is, in their minds, the tech was always seemingly letting them down (except of course for the hours and fucking hours it worked perfectly fine).

But if you step back and think about it, how nice is the feeling when you’re trying something slightly above your normal ask and it works perfectly fine?

I’m not talking about your phone’s Google app working properly or your iTunes shuffle making you think that there’s someone in there that knows your moods (admit it, you’ve considered this before).

I’m talking about something like streaming some livecast of something on your phone then onto your TV via some new thing you know everyone else has but you’ve never used and can’t possibly imagine is as simple to use as they say it is but it turns out it is because of course it is did you really think Nick could use it and you couldn’t. Exactly.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: The next time you try whatever it is you just did, and it doesn’t work. Get your hammer out.

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