#64 – Having A Bill Come To Less Than You Expect

Last week, I was out with a few friends at a dive bar. This place was a real dump, in the most lovable way possible. The air conditioning was dripping on the table behind us, the bar itself is a trailer attached to what appears to be a diner, the bathroom door didn’t have a lock on it. It was a wonderful dive.

This preface is given to illustrate the point that we knew, going in, the beers would be cheap at this establishment.

However, when the check came we somehow were still surprised–and boy was that a fun feeling.

The tab came our way, its total being just a tick over $56. For no real reason, the check was itemized… the 13 Rolling Rocks we ordered came to… wait for it… just under $39 dollars. Less than three bucks a beer! Unreal.

Another version of this story can come when you’re out on a date. You go in knowing that you’re picking up the check and that it’s probably going to be fairly pricey. Sebastian Maniscalco details this whole ordeal in much funnier fashion than I can, but if you’re not in the mood to laugh for about 90 seconds, I’ll sum it up: you cannot let on that this check total will bother you, no matter what it is and the whole time you’re doing the mental calculations to try to get a ballpark of what it is you’ll be dealing with when it’s time to pay the piper.

Some number of appetizers and main courses and drinks and desserts and coffees later, the bill comes. You’ve got a number in you’re head, and it’s a biggun’.

Some how… some way… against all odds and by the grace of all Gods… it’s WAY less than you expected. This, of course, is what you want to do:

What you actually do is nothing… but you are quietly thrilled. And that’s enough.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: The obvious opposite, but an example would be grabbing something small from some place you didn’t even want to go to just to be nice to find out it’s crazy expensive. Specifically speaking: you stop into a coffee shop to use the bathroom without telling someone and then feel bad for doing that, so you order a cappuccino—and it’s 8 bucks.

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