#82 – First Day of a Short Work Week That Will End With Something Fun

7c8f07948cc4a47d9687eb57f97c7d43-work-week-three-daysSadly, today isn’t that day.

I mean, it is that day in that today is in fact the day you get to read about this feeling… but unfortunately, this particular Monday isn’t the beginning of a holiday or otherwise shortened week.

No, today is a regular Monday, yet another dull grind in the interminable vortex known as the work week.

But think, for a minute, about the next holiday that’s coming during good weather. Let’s say it’s Memorial Day. And let’s say that Memorial Day is somehow on a Friday this year and you have plans not only on that Friday, but for the whole weekend. You and (insert people you give a shit about here) are all going to (insert place you all would meet) to do (insert thing you and all these people like doing). Pretty wild, no?

Sure, the actual act of doing all these things, of even leaving that Friday for that place with those people to do those things… that’s an incredible feeling.

But what separates that feeling from this feeling is that most Fridays feel pretty damn good regardless, whether or not you’re leaving for such a specific trip like the one I’ve just outlined.

This feeling is SO much better than your typical Monday feeling it’s almost amazing you even still call it Monday. It takes your normal Monday and gives it a B-12 shot followed by a Red Bull vodka and two swift kicks in the ass.

You glide around your office as if you haven’t a care in the world, despite being at least 72 hours from your mini-vacation. The music in the car on the way to and from work is just a bit more enjoyable. The crappy cafeteria food doesn’t quite bother you as much as it usually does.

You, my friend, have a short work week.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Not sure this exists for everyone, but when you are starting a run of either a long string of days in a row or several weekend shifts in a row.


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