#17 – Successfully Hitting On Someone At The Bar

article-2510597-1989cb1500000578-737_634x382In my life, I’ve successfully hit on a woman I met that night at the bar no more than ten times. Of course, what qualifies it as a “success” is relative to the individuals involved but I think it’s fair to say we’re talking about anything that’s a step above a good conversation and a number exchange.

TO BE FAIR… there’s nothing wrong with–in fact there’s many things great about–getting a number. If both parties are honest and hopeful, it could mean the start of something good. It could mean the beginning of a relationship.

Of course, it could be the woman’s way of finally getting you to leave her alone because you won’t stop talking to her all fucking night.

But, and let’s be honest with one another here for a moment, sometimes we go to the bar and we’re looking for a little more… and I’m not just talking about men here, nor am I speaking specifically of the one-night stand.

Think of it this way:

As the night began, all you could focus on was that guy or girl across the bar. The way they looked, the confidence they carried themselves with, the manner in which they seemed to laugh so effortlessly with their friends. It was intoxicating.

The very notion that this person would go from complete and total stranger you could only dream about to an active participant in your life story… it’s simply unbelievable.

Whether that means you had a great conversation at the bar, got their number, sloppily made out before going to McDonald’s, went home with them or even slept over… well, that’s a matter of how you define success, wouldn’t you say?

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Getting shut down. Big time. In front of all your friends.

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