Season 2: Episode 1 – Nick Wright, FS1 and SiriusXM

scott-spinelli_imsureimoverthinkingthisTo kick off Season 2, this week’s guest is Nick Wright, host of First Thing’s First on FS1 and What’s Wright on SiriusXM. It’s also possible you know Nick from any number of pro-LeBron James videos circulating throughout the internet.

Either way, Nick, like so many previous and future guests, is a pal from Syracuse and we hit on a number of things: (1:34) that time he was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, (6:53) his origin story, including getting cut from the staff of the college radio station that’s inducting him into its hall of fame this summer, (18:25) how he might be the least successful person in his immediate family–as well as some AMAZING reassurance his mom gave him on his TV future, (37:27) how he deals with being “hated” online, (45:09) how he crafts arguments for his TV show, (48:37) the fear of being too repetitive topic-wise and (1:11:17) a pretty cool LeBron James story. We also talk about Nick’s (ultimately removed) character from my novel as well as which NBA player is the perfect level of famous (1:00:30).

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