Season 2: Episode 3 – Adam Lefkoe, Bleacher Report/TNT


This week’s guest is Adam Lefkoe, known primarily for being one of the most positive human beings on Earth and an avid Eagles fan. He also hosts The Lefkoe Show podcast as well as NBA on TNT Tuesdays, with Shaq, Dwyane Wade and Candace Parker. So, he’s a multi-tasker. Either way, Adam’s another SU grad and friend and really fun guy to talk shop with.

Here’s some of what we discussed… (13:52) why Cam Jordan was one of his most surprising interviews, (15:21) how his simple desire to become friends with Ja Rule wound up as a podcast (and why he shouldn’t feel bad for loving his music), (25:00) the full story behind his viral reference-filled TV sportscasts, including how they started from a desire to interact with his friends and was nearly stopped before it started, (34:18) what he thinks about the title of “expert” in sports media, (42:00) the VERY humble beginnings of the Simms and Lefkoe podcast, (44:36) is there a workable way around paywalls?, (47:54) his rules for every episode of Ditch the Playbook, (54:42) his “this is my life?” moment with Samuel L. Jackson, (56:09) and what is THIS person’s number doing in his phone?

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