Three Guys, One Book: Best to Laugh – Review

Recently, I read the book you’re looking at to the left here. I actually came across it while I was fortunate enough to have garnered a spot at the Book Expo America with the fine gents from

Walking through the aisles of the convention center as things were being packed up, I came across this (really cool looking) cover. I chatted up the two reps for the book’s publisher and discovered the author had been a stand-up comic (something I figured by the mic cord at the bottom of the page) and that the story was based on her experiences.

I could go into more, but let’s save it for the review, no?

Click here, or on the image to your left.

Oh yeah—enjoy.

Three Guys, One Book: The Detective & The Pipe Girl – Review


I read Michael Craven’s The Detective and The Pipe Girl. You should too. It’s the first funny murder mystery I’ve ever come across. And it works, trust me.

But, before you do any of that, read this review I wrote about it over on ThreeGuysOneBook. You know, just to make sure I’m not totally making this all up.

Then, go buy the book.

OK, enough directives. Enjoy.


Three Guys, One Book: ’90s Island – Review

Normally, I’d just say something in this space like… go ahead, read the review.  But, while I also would like you to do that (and read the novella), I would also highly recommend going to the page’s website:

I sort of stumbled on to that page by accident but it’s a wonder. Truly, worth checking out. And if you at all enjoy your trip to that site, don’t even wait… buy the book.

Three Guys, One Book: The Shining Girls – Review

Yes, I’m quoting my own tweet here. She re-tweeted it which means she (or someone that runs her twitter feed) at least saw it in her mentions. So, there’s that.

Either way, good book. Peep the review in the link below…