Good News: The Olympics Are Over

Before we get started here, let’s make one thing clear for all the morons out there: you’re not anti-American if you don’t like the Olympics.  You’re just honest.

Let’s break down the Olympics for what they largely are.  We’re talking about a collection of sports, by and large, no one watches for 205 out of every 208 weeks featuring athletes, again by and large, no one has even remotely heard of.  Oh yeah, throw in the additional fact that these events normally are taking place in a part of the world where it rates somewhere between moderately and extremely inconvenient to watch them live.

I’ve never enjoyed watching the Olympics and honestly can’t figure out why anyone does on more than a passing level*.  Then again, I was raised in a family with a father who hated Halloween, loves rooting against his favorite baseball team, and doesn’t like going to the beach.

So, maybe it’s me, but I doubt it.