#236 – Organizing Your iTunes

itunes-get-info-editFrankly, it’s the only reason I still substitute teach. It looks like I’m working behind that computer screen, but I’m not. No, I’m looking up proper album titles, getting rid of those awful tags and DJ handles from websites I downloaded the songs illegally form. I’m looking up album artwork, fixing the wording and styling.

For those curious (which I’m sure is everyone with eyes), here’s my format, for the song name at least:

Song Name (Remix) (feat Artist 1, Artist 2 and Artist 3) 

No ampersands, no periods after the feat, no ft or featuring’s. Very straight forward, very consistent.

I suppose this feeling isn’t rated higher because it’s never fully accomplished. Until you die, you’re never done. Well, that should read… until you OR your computer dies, you’re never done. But, in the brief moments where you’ve plowed through a few letters of the alphabet and it finally looks clean and organized… not bad.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Having a life at all and never even once considering this something remotely worth your time.