Top 250 Feelings

I won’t lie… This isn’t my idea. I’d like to say I was inspired to come up with it after chatting with a friend, but the real truth is that after chatting with said friend (and discovering his use of this idea) I simply asked if I could use it (read: steal it) for myself.

So, here we are.

There really isn’t much explanation needed, I suppose. The original list, started by the fellas over at the now-defunct Broston College (the content of the site isn’t nearly as off-putting as its title, trust me), was for 500 feelings. Though, by my quick count they didn’t get over 70 done. Classic over-reach, I say.

With their misstep as my guide, I knocked the list down in half, but kept the same principles. It’s not a list of things like “Getting Good News!” or “Laughing at a joke”. No, we’re talking very (in some cases, extremely) specific feelings that are some of the best around.

They’ll be listed from 250-1 here and I’ll be adding them to the list in random order.

And oh yeah, I should also mention that just because 73 is higher than 63, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worse. This is just the top 250 feelings. The exact order they should go in, well, that’s up to you.

We get started on Friday.

Thanks to @Loopica.

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