Top 250 Feelings

250. Having A Bill Come To A Perfectly Round Number
249. A Fresh Tube of Toothpaste
248. Starting A New Pad
247. A Brand New Toothbrush
246. iTunes Shuffle Helping You Discover One of Your Own Songs
245. Unsubscribing to an E-mail List
244. Writing With A Good Pen
243. Doing A Load Of Laundry That Doesn’t Include Staple Clothes
242. Finding Lint in Your Belly Button
241. Getting Something Framed
240. Cutting A Fresh Piece of Construction Paper
239. Cracking Your Knuckles
238. Smushing A Pudgy Dog’s Face
237. A Good, Deep Breath Before Going Underwater
236. Organizing Your iTunes
235. That New Car Smell
234. Regaining A Sense
233. Cutting on a Gym Floor with New Sneakers
232. Having Your Gas Tank Filled by Someone Else
231. Buying Discounted Sugar Cookies at Target
230. Remembering That Thing You Keep Forgetting To Get At The Grocery Store
229. Winning (or Losing) in Monopoly So You Can Finally Stop Playing
228. Not Having To Do Anything On Valentine’s Day
227. Walking into a House Filled with Family on a Holiday
226. Getting Shaved By Someone
225. Soft Paper Towels/Toilet Paper
224. An Un-Popped Sheet of Bubble Wrap
223. Deleting A Bunch of Crap From Your iPhone
222. The Perfect Pump of Gas
221. Seeing a Baseball Field for the First Time
220. A Warm Towel
219. Fast Forwarding Through Commercials on Your DVR
218. Guessing a Number Correctly
217. Making a Plan
216. Seeing That Hot Girl’s Name Pop Up On Your AIM Buddy List
215. Sitting Down For Dinner
214. Getting A Light To Come Off Your Dashboard
213. Fitting Everything in a Suitcase
212. Learning a New Supermarket
211. A Great Sandwich
210. Leaving the Dentist’s Office
209. Your Team Winning A Championship
208. Eating Cookies Right After They Come Out of The Oven
207. Going to the Movies (Alone)
206. Sleeping in a Freshly Made Bed
205. Finishing a Book
204. An Unexpected Friend Showing Up at a Bar/Party
203. Watching A… Video… With The Sound On
202. Planning Your Meals
201. Doing Something Nice For A Grandmother
200. Washing Your Face At The End of the Day
199. Sleeping in on a Weekday
198. Satisfactorily Blowing Your Nose (When You Really, Really Need To)
197. Talking Shit
196. A Snow Day
195. Your DVR Working
194. Taking Your Morning Dump (In Your Own Toilet)
193. Sneezing
192. A Good, Long Piss
191. Leaving Las Vegas/Atlantic City/New Orleans
190. Peeing Sitting Down
189. The Smell of a New Deodorant
188. A Fresh Haircut
187. Finally Scratching an Itch
186. Calling Something (correctly)
185. Daydreaming How You’d Get out of a Situation if You Were James Bond
184. Having Someone Enjoy Your Recommendation
183. Biting Into a Great Apple
182. The First Sunny Day
181. Receiving a Text Message
180. Having a Long Weekend with Nothing To Do
179. Recalling Knowledge
178. Recognizing Someone In a Place Where You Shouldn’t
177. Finding Out Unexpected, But Good News About Your Favorite Sports Team
176. Going to Sleep
175. Unwrapping A Gift When You Have No Idea What It Is
174. Finding a Clever Gift for Someone
173. A New Pair of Sweatpants
172. A New Pair of Socks/Underwear
171. Making Strangers Laugh
170. Finding an Old Note
169. Checking Future Weather And Finding Out It’s Going To Be Nice For Whatever You Need It For
168. Eating Garbage
167. A Person You Voted For Winning A Competition
166. Watching Your Bonus Card Actually Work
165. The Moment You Realize The Rollercoaster You’re On Is Fun and Not a Death Trap
164. Showing Up to Blind Date to Find Out the Person Is Hotter Than Expected
163. Finding That Warm Spot on the Bed
162. Having a Niece/Nephew (And Getting To Leave)
161. The Sound of the Ice Cream Truck
160. Making the Last Cup in Beer Pong
159. Having An Empty Seat Next To You On Public Transportation
158. Finishing a TV Show You Binge Watched
157. Having Someone Who Can Cook, Cook For (Just) You
156. Having the Waiter at the Chinese Restaurant Recognize You and Your Order
155. Drinking During the Day
154. Getting Ahead of Something
153. Spotting a Celebrity Somewhere 
152. Breaking the Seal
151. Bag Fries
150. Driving on Grass (Formerly: Getting Food Out of Your Teeth)
149. Getting Sand Off You After You’ve Been To The Beach
148. Having Exact Change
147. Getting a Check in the Mail from Your Other Job
146. Guessing Correctly in Minesweeper
145. Watching Someone Get Theirs in Traffic (That Deserved It)
144. Playing Moral Police on the Road
143. Unexpectedly Coming Across a Game From Your Childhood (And It Being As Fun As You Remember)
142. Taking Off Your Work Clothes
141. Screaming at the Top of Your Lungs
140. Installing Something From Ikea Without Smashing It First
139. Sleeping Naked
138. When They Have The Soup You Want as The Daily Option
137. Being Able To Sing All The Words To A Song You Haven’t Heard In Years
136. Turning Coins Into (More) Cash
135. Getting the Last Person to Make Your Group Whole
134. Sneaking Something On A Plane (RELAX)
133. Squeezing The Remaining Battery Life Out of Something Before You Can Recharge
132. When People FINALLY Stop Saying “Happy New Year” to You
131. Finding Out They’re Making a Sequel to a Movie You Loved as a Kid
130. A Non Awkward High Five
129. A Well Executed Hand Shake
128. Someone You Can’t Stand Getting Voted Off
127. Getting The Right Item In Mario Kart
126. That Movie You Can Recite Coming On TV
125. Doing Nothing
124. Accurately Guessing Between Pants and Shorts
123. Telling Someone How You Actually Feel About Them
122. Watching a New TV Show (And Finding Out It Doesn’t Suck)
121. Making Public Transportation Right On Time
120. Getting a Paycheck in High School (or earlier)
119. Finding Out a Book You Enjoyed is Being Made Into a Movie
118. An Enormous Sweatshirt
117. Getting Your Tax Refund Back From the Government
116. Finding A Store With Clothes That Fit You
115. Warming Your Hands (Quickly)
114. Having a Really Good-Looking Person In Front of You In Line
113. Starting a (Good) New Book
112. Checking That Final Things Off Your To-Do List
111. A Good Rip of Songs on the Radio
110. Being a Hit at a Party
109. Getting a Good Deal
108. McNuggets (Everything About Them)
107. Making a Diving Play
106. Opening a Can of Beer
105. Lifting More Than The Person Next To You At The Gym
104. Being Buzzed Somewhere You Shouldn’t Be (And Getting Away With It)
103. Making a Great Reference That Only a Few People Get… But Love (Formerly: When Traffic Starts To Move)
102. Listening to an Old Mixtape (or CD) From When You Were a Kid and Loving it Just as Much as You Did Back Then
101. Getting an Unexpected Package in the Mail
100. Showering Outside
99. Telling Someone What To Do
98. Finding an Old… Video… You Used to Enjoy
97. Listening to Music as You Get Off a Plane
96. Getting Two Items From A Vending Machine
95. Having Someone (Actually) Enjoy Your Food
94. Being Finished With Public Speaking
93. Doing Something that Elicits the Response “Nice Hands”
92. Being the First Person To Tell Someone Big News
91. Taking All the Stuff from the Hotel Room
90. A Multitude of Good Movies on TV at Once
89. When That Song Comes On
88. The First Good Stretch of the Day
87. The AutoSave Function Coming Up HUGE
86. Having Someone Waiting for You at the Airport
85. Waking Up On Christmas Morning
84. When Technology Works Exactly As It’s Supposed To
83. An Attractive Person Beginning Their Workout (And You’re Already Working Out)
82. First Day of a Short Work Week That Will End With Something Fun
81. Finding Something You’re Always On The Lookout For
80. Figuring Out The Lyrics to a Song
79. Having An Easy Experience with Customer Service People
78. Leaving Work on a Sunny Day
77. Winning a Carnival Game on Your First Spin
76. Eating a Red Sour Patch Kid
75. Your Birthday
74. Finding a Recipe Online (That Actually Works)
73. Finding Out You Bought Good Fruit
72. Gaining a New (Non-Bot) Follower on Twitter
71. Staring at Good-Looking People at the Gym
70. Going from Not Having any Plans to Having Good Really Plans
69. Hearing An Old Song You Used To Love For The First Time In A While
68. Discovering a Song You Can’t Stop Listening To
67. Taking Sweaty Clothes Off After a Workout
66. Kneading Dough
65. Getting a New Cell Phone
64. Having a Bill Come to Less Than You Expect
63. Wearing Sweatpants In Public (And You’re Not At The Gym)
62. Receiving a Drunk Text From A Girl You Ending Things With
61. Getting A Good Parking Spot
60. When Traffic Starts to Move
59. Sweatshirt Weather
58. A Movie Trailer that Looks Amazing
57. Getting a Retweet From Someone (You Think of As) Important
56. Bass from Great Headphones
55. Sharing an Old Story With Friends
54. Being Totally In Sync With Someone At A Game Like Pictionary or Taboo
53. Giving In To A Good Nap
52. Finding Out Your Favorite Group Is Getting Back Together
51. Getting an Unexpected Peek
50. Paying Off A Bill
49. A Really Good Sports Argument/Debate (That You Win, Of Course)
48. That First Inch
47. A Clean Apartment
46. A Fantasy Draft
45. Being in a Fulfilling Relationship
44. Hot Shower on a Cold Day
43. The Delivery Guy Calling
42. Letting Go Of A Secret
41. Remembering a Great Dream
40. Watching Your Team Win A Championship (Live)
39. Smashing a Piece of Electronic Equipment
38. Buying Something REALLY Expensive (That You Want)
37. A Friend Visiting From Out of Town
36. Two of Your Favorite Artists Collaborating
35. The Beginning of a Road Trip
34. Your Favorite Sports Season Starting
33. A Full Tank of Gas
32. Being Recognized for Something in Public
31. Flossing to Get a Big Piece of Food Out
30. Leaving a Conversation on a High Note
29. Finishing a Collection
28. Waking Up Without An Alarm Clock
27. Not Having to Wait in Line at a Place Where There’s Always a Line
26. The Moment You See Someone You’ve Been Waiting for at the Airport
25. Getting Amped Up
24. Saying the Right Thing in a Work Meeting
23. Getting Something For Free (AKA Stealing) (… take it easy …)
22. Avoiding Traffic
21. Finding Your Holy Grail
20. Getting to Sleep in Your Own Bed
19. Finding Money in an Old Pair of Pants/Shorts
18. The Feeling of Coming Up With That Person’s Name When You Couldn’t Remember
17. Successfully Hitting on Someone at the Bar
16. Drunk Tailgating and the Game Hasn’t Even Started Yet
15. Knowing You Look Damn Good
14. That Middle-of-the-Night Drink of Cold Water After A Long Evening of Drinking
13. When a CD/Movie Lives Up To Your Expectations
12. Routinely Having Intercourse (With The Same Person)
11. Getting Away With Not Getting A Ticket
10. An Actual LOL
9. Sharing Old Stories With Family/Friends
8. The First Fart When The Girl You’ve Just Started Dating Leaves
7. That First Bite of Something You Love
6. Making The Funniest Person in Your Group Laugh
5. Outkicking Your Coverage
4. Doing Better Than Someone Else
3. Being Right
2. If You Seeking Amy-ing
1. The First Moment of Being Drunk With Your Best Friends

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