#240 – Cutting A Fresh Piece of Construction Paper

Oh yeah. Get it.

I’ll admit, I didn’t think of this one myself (hat tip, here) but when I heard it, I remembered. I haven’t felt this one in a while (as I haven’t done much in the way of arts and crafts past age 8), but that doesn’t lessen the impact.

Of course, this isn’t an independent feeling. As everyone knows, you can be as dedicated as you want to cutting a piece of (anything, really), but if you have one of those piece-of-shit scissors, you’re going no where fast. And god forbid you’re a lefty, you’re just shit out of luck.

Speaking of scissors, this may just be a wild overreaction, but is it just my imagination or are scissors the one area that hasn’t received proper school funding since the first ones were allowed into schools in the 1950s? A school will get a new budget approved, brand new auditoriums and stadiums and class room wings and façade facelifts, all fine. But take a peak into that arts class room… the same busted scissors remain. It’s unfair.

Alas, I digress. The point is, there’s something comforting about the sound that a (quality) pair of scissors makes when going through a fresh piece of construction paper. It’s not quite a rip, not quite a tear, somewhere happily in the middle.

Polar Opposite Feeling: Not sure on this one. Getting a paper cut really sucks. Maybe being a lefty in a classroom filled with righty-only scissors?

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