#106 – Opening a Can of Beer

Of course, the twist of a bottle cap works as well, but I didn’t feel the need to include both in the title.

Now, to be clear, I’m not just talking about that sound/feeling in general. We’re talking specifically about that first beer when you’ve had a long day and crack one open on the couch. Or, that first (or fifteenth) on a sunny day when you and the people you used to be close friends with (before weddings and kids and girlfriends and boyfriends got in the way) gather for a barbecue or any other type of event people have to convince themselves they’re “making the effort”.

(Rant, over)

That sound means so much… Your day is either over (great, relaxing news) or just getting started (fun, exciting news)… You are either on your way to blacking or chilling out…

Another beauty of this feeling? It doesn’t cost much. Let’s be honest, a PBR makes the same sound when it cracks open as a Busch heavy as a Stella Artois as a Sam Adams. No judging here, just crack open a can and remember, drive sober, or get pulled over. Or, no… I meant, don’t text and drive… it can wait! No, I meant… ah, the hell with it.

Polar opposite of this feeling?: The smell of your apartment/house/domicile/shack the next morning when its littered with half-emptied cans.

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