#56 – Bass from Great Headphones

headphones_06_hd650Let me first say… Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones are overrated. That’s not to say they’re not good, they are. But, for what they cost, they’re way (way) overrated. You can get a pair of cans for much less and get the same, if not, more.

I myself am a Bose man (over the ear, not around the ear, I’m not that cool) and I happen to listen to rap music. And hip-hop. And R&B (Insert echoing radio voice saying something like, KEEP IT LOCKED *metallic locking sound* RIGHT HERE ON HOT 98.1!)

Listen to this song, through the first minute and thirty seconds. After JT is done doing his thing and the beat drops in, how incredible is that bass? Think about listening to that bass on a CD-quality version of the song (as opposed to YouTube) and through great headphones (as opposed to your shitty work computer speakers).

That first thud, your head slightly rocked by the vibration, is feeling #56. Could you go slightly (or wholly) deaf at some point due to over-exposure to this feeling? Probably, but it might be worth it.

Polar opposite of this feeling: (Old school) Riding your bike (or car) around and in the middle of a great song, having your CD Player’s skip protection crap out.

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