#223 – Deleting A Bunch of Crap From Your Phone

other-space-iphoneI suppose this is the same feeling people have when cleaning out their basement or some similarly unused part of their homes.

However, seeing that I live and will most likely continue to live in a space not large enough to necessitate massive or full-scale clean outs for the foreseeable future, this digital version of the feeling will have to suffice.

Most of my space gets eaten up with music. Every so often it appears that some sort of non-deletable “other” has creeped into the space on my phone, but generally it’s music.

But, whatever it is, looking at that bar and seeing how little space you have left can be terrifying. Frankly, you have no idea what the fuck “other” is, no one seems to be able to help you with that sufficiently, and it’s inconceivable that simply having apps on your phone is taking up that much space.

But it’s happening. You’re running out of room and that’s a no-fly zone nowadays.

So, you begin the deletion process.

First it’s easy, a few songs and apps you never use. Then, you start getting aggressive. Full albums, movies, sections of apps on your phone–gone.

You see the bar of storage retreating: your space is yours again. For a second you’re nervous… what if you want to track your run again sometime soon? Wait a minute, you remember… you never run. Freedom! Space! Exclamation points!

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: The “storage almost full” notification, followed by the “cannot take this photo” note. Moment, ruined.

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