#165 – The Moment You Realize The Rollercoaster You’re On Is Fun and Not a Death Trap

maxresdefaultI don’t go on roller coasters that often any longer, for a number of reasons primarily centering around how most of friends are “having kids” and are “too professionally responsible to take off on a weekday so we can avoid lines” and “don’t see the need to scare themselves voluntarily.”

But, even when I went more frequently, I still had the same fear each time the ride would start up. Every single time, as that ka-chunk ka-chunk! noise would get louder and louder as I ascended higher and higher, I’d think to myself: Why are you fucking doing this? This is insane behavior. You not only will not have a good time or enjoy this, you may not live to see the end of it. Was it worth it? 

That feeling lasts until just after you’ve hit the top of that hill. Once you begin your rocketing descent, it all dissipates and what you’re left with is this feeling… that you do this because it’s fun, that it’s not insane, that you will have a good time, that you will enjoy it and you won’t die because it was worth it. All of that, all at once.

But you know this, right? That’s why you keep coming back. Just need to get over that first hump.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Sitting on any line at any of these theme parks. Even if you have the fast pass or whatever the hell the place calls it, when you’re actually stuck on the line and have nowhere to go outside of a $6.99 lemonade, that’s awful.

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