#63 – Wearing Sweatpants in Public (And You’re Not At The Gym)



I’ve been scolded a fair number of folks for my predilection for wearing sweatpants in public.

Once, I showed up to lunch with a friend in the town we both live in wearing a t-shirt with a whole in the armpit and sweatpants. She told me, in some language, that this wasn’t how adults dressed. I told her, in some language, that I did not give a shit.

Wearing sweatpants is more comfortable than wearing regular pants. I’m sorry, it’s just a plain fact. Anyone who says they enjoy the feeling of wearing denim or khakis or corduroys or any other such material is full of shit. They may not like wearing sweatpants in public because it’s slovenly and makes you look like you’ve either given up on life or are a homeless person (or both). Those are perfectly good reasons for them not to like wearing sweats in public. But, don’t let them lie to you that it’s because they’re just not that comfortable in them.

So yeah, part of what makes this such a great feeling is the forbidden nature of it. I mean, if you’re me and have accepted that this is one of the social mores you don’t give a damn about, it’s not a huge deal. But for the rest of you that haven’t given up and still are trying, that random trip to the grocery store or jaunt to run some errand in sweatpants is really true bliss.

Even the sweatshirt doesn’t compare because it’s really not an issue to rock sweatshirts. But for some reason, when the sweat part of the clothing extends below the belt, people lose their goddamn minds.

I say, the hell with them. If it was socially acceptable, I’d drape myself in sweatpants. No questions asked.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Putting on a pair of pants you were sure fit you the last time you wore them, only to discover one of two things, the latter being way more likely: you either put on some weight or someone snuck into your closet and changed your pants out with slightly more snug versions of them.

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