#169 – Checking Future Weather And Finding Out It’s Going To Be Nice For Whatever You Need It For

article-2251450-169c33a5000005dc-74_964x539I try not to get too caught up in weather forecasts. If it’s what you’re looking for, you never doubt the weather people. If it’s not, you espouse your well-researched opinion that all weather reports are generally bullshit and not to be trusted.

But, there is something sweet about eying up that weather app on your phone for your impending trip to Florida or (insert place where people spend real money to stay in the freezing cold and careen down mountains with sticks on their feet) and you see exactly what you’re hoping for.

In your head, you know it’s a week out and things can change. Hell, even when it’s a rain cloud that doesn’t mean it’s going to rain all day… it’s really just a 40% chance it might rain at some point during the day. Plus, that Thursday weather that doesn’t look so hot has you a little nervous it could creep into Friday.

But the hell with all that thought… you just saw three suns in a row for your upcoming vacation. You are in the clear.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Checking again before your flight takes off and seeing all those suns replaced by those dark cloud emojis and the dreaded “T-storm warnings.” Is it too late to get a refund on your trip?

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