#192 – A Good, Long Piss

nq001176-urinal-corbisIt’s just sweet, sweet release isn’t it?

Taking a dump has its own merits, but this is just slightly better in my opinion for a few obvious reasons.

First, it’s quicker. Sure, taking your time with a good ole number two isn’t a bad thing, but brevity often wins out in my opinion.

Second, unless you’re wildly drunk, there’s far less cleanup.

Third, unless you’ve had some sort of enormous salad with whole milk and Indian food, the great release of a long-held pee is unlike many other feelings in this world.

You’re going for so long, at a certain point, you don’t even feel it any more. You’re on autopilot, just kicking back and enjoying the bliss of piss.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: You’re walking home from the subway or bus or whatever and you know you’ve got at least 4-5 more blocks or 10-15 more minutes until you can finally get to a bathroom… That wait and build up and oncoming UTI are your polar opposites.

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