#180 – Having a Long Weekend with Nothing To Do

long-weekendOn its face, this seems like it actually would be a bad feeling, no?

If asked, we’d probably all instinctively answer that we prefer to have plans. Very few openly admit they like having no plans… although secretly, that’s what we all want.

The truth is, it’s not so much about sitting in a room doing nothing all day and night for two to three days in a row. It’s really about getting some minor shit done, things like cooking that pain-in-the-ass soup you love but haven’t had time to make during the week or binging a few episodes of (insert Netflix show here) or getting some reading done.

Basically, here’s what you’re looking for… by the time it’s over and you’re back at work and someone says, “How was your weekend?”, you have nothing to say other than “Didn’t really do much.”  You know you got a ton of shit done and had a great time barely ever leaving your apartment, but it’s so banal you don’t even bother to waste this person’s time with a detailed answer.

Side note: Unless I cured polio during my time off, I almost always answer with some variation of “not much” to that question. I hate conversation like that.

That silent feeling of satisfaction knowing you did exactly what you wanted to do, no matter how little it actually was… that’s this feeling.

Oh, and the fact that it’s the oasis in a drowning, all-encompassing, until-you-drop-dead struggle known as 9-to-5 work.

Yeah, that too.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: That third weekend in a row where you go from thing to fucking thing without a break in sight. Basically, the month of December.

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