#54 – Being Totally In Sync With Someone At A Game Like Pictionary or Taboo

20121216_geekish08Let me say this, before we get fully into this feeling: I can’t fucking stand playing against the people that are so goddamn in tune with one another that they use clues for their partner to guess words that are (seemingly) completely unrelated.

Player giving the clues: “Uh… Ryan Anderson”

Player answering: “Refrigerator”

“Uh… trophy.”

“Carbon Dioxide”

“Uh… uh… stemware.”

“War of 1812.”

And so on, and so on. These people are fucking cheaters and should be dealt with as such, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law insofar as word association felonies are concerned.

Obviously, there’s a bit of jealousy in these previous paragraphs because who doesn’t love being in sync with someone in a guessing game? But, what I’m talking about in this feeling is the more legit version of being in sync, where each picture gets your right where it’s supposed to, each word clue leads you directly to the right answer. You’re in lockstep, flying so fast through the cards that the only thing holding you back is how long it takes your partner to pull them out from the holster.

Additionally, what’s great about this feeling is that you never quite know when it’s going to crop up, how long it’ll last or who it will get triggered by. Similar to being in the zone when playing any sort of sport, you just know it when you’re in it.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Thinking you’re doing really well in trivia at a bar until they read the scores out after the first round and you’re nowhere near the money.

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