#134 – Sneaking Something On a Plane (Relax)

tsa-screeningI should again say it, so we’re all clear… RELAX.

I’m not talking about guns or knives or explosives or drugs or any type of shit like that.

I’m talking about when you get something on the plane that’s not allowed or you’re not sure is technically allowed and somehow you’re good.

They don’t confiscate that moisturizer or bottle of cologne that’s clearly bigger than the allotted limit. Or that bottle of hot sauce you bought in New Orleans that you were worried wouldn’t be allowed in a carry-on so you’d have to check a bag. Or, hell, even the carry-on bag itself… you know damn well that thing you’ve been Hulk Hoganing around the last three days isn’t nearly small enough to fit above you.

But somehow, it gets through. It all works. Your nail file or your shampoo or your Chipotle burrito or your bottle of water… still yours.

Eating that burrito, sipping that water, filing those nails, cologning that stench, moisturizing that body… it’s all now just a tad sweeter on the other side of the TSA screening.

Corollary to this Feeling?: Since it’s pretty obvious that the opposite of this feeling is getting caught and having your stuff taken from you, I figured I’d go this route and add here that a similar and related feeling (that is no longer really a thing any more) was when you’d get away with keeping your phone or your bluetooth-enabled device on for longer than the flight attendants told you to. Nowadays, it’s all allowed pretty much so we can’t get to experience that weirdly satisfactory and spiteful feeling of knowing the plane will be fine despite you listening to your iPod.

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