#187 – Finally Scratching An Itch

dscn1632I thought, long and hard, about making this specific feeling something cop-related but realized it would be a reference wasted. Of the three-to-six people who may read this post, there’s a chance just one of them would get it. While that’s enough for me, I am pushing myself to strive for greater heights.

So, we stick with the original idea: scratching an itch. Of course, just the act of a good scratch is a quality feeling. What puts this on the list is when you have to delay the scratch for some reason, it builds up a bit and then you get to scratch.

Let’s say you’re at the gym and you’re on a treadmill. And let’s say that at this particular gym, the way it’s laid out, there’s a good number of people behind you. You’re honest with yourself when you note that most people probably aren’t watching you, but still… do you really want to be the person that scratches his/her ass in public like that? At least do that little wiggle/walk thing to attempt to hide it first, no?

Either way, with all the sweat and all the build up in time, by the moment you get to release and scratch til your heart’s content, it’s pure ecstasy.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Having that itch be somewhere particularly difficult during that no-go time and having to wait it out.

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