#75 – Your Birthday

As today is, in fact, the anniversary of the day of my birth, I felt it only appropriate for this post to be written.

Like many of the feelings we’ve already outlined, namely #209, this one doesn’t quite have the same punch to it now that I’m a little older. Of course, it’s still garnered entry into the top 100, so it’s not like it’s fallen completely off the map. But, I think we can all agree, if I was making this list at age 9, “your birthday” would have easily been a top 5 selection.

Still, despite the fact that people no longer dote on you on your special day like they did when you were younger, there is a special air of the day. You feel entitled to do and say much more than you might normally and people don’t tend to react the way they typically might. A simple, “Come on, it’s my birthday” is sure to squash any beef.

Beyond the obvious–gifts, attention, some misplaced feeling I always have to the effect of “let me treat myself to [insert something fairly unnecessary and likely more expensive than I should be purchasing] because I happened to born on this day, years ago”–one of my favorite things about the birthday is that you can use it to get your pals together.

If I told people I was having a party on a regular weekend, odds are strong that few people show. My roommate isn’t even likely to turn up. But, when I say it’s for my birthday, then people come out of the woodwork. I don’t say that in a “my friends are phony” sense. No, quite the opposite in fact. It’s just that for whatever reason we all feel an incredible sense of duty not to let friends down on their birthday. We’ll talk shit and miss out on the things that are truly important in their lives, but a birthday party… forget it… not missing it for the world.

Another thing I love are the Facebook well wishes. You always say it doesn’t matter and who cares, right? But, you know that there’s a definite part of you that needs there to be at least some activity on that wall. It doesn’t matter who it is… hell, you might not even speak to the person… but there needs to be something. One additional note here: I love how early some people get on it on Facebook. I’m amazed, year in and year out, that there are people who consistently have the Happy Birthday post up there before 3 or 4 AM East Coast time. I can’t explain it.

Either way… while the rest of you peasants wait for your big day, today is mine. I’ll enjoy the rest of it like it’s my last.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling? Tomorrow.

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